Posted on January 21st, 2011

This morning, as I was taking a shower, it came to me:  the perfect ending for The Caldarian Conflict.

I’ve been struggling with how to end the story.  I knew where each character would end up, of course, but I was struggling on which note to leave the reader on.

That’s when I realized that I could add one last twist.  A sudden revelation that (hopefully) will cause the reader to reconsider everything that came before.  A final flourish, if you will, before the reader is left standing dazed and in wonder.  With any luck, also desperately in need of the next book.

Assuming I could pull it off, of course.

I shouted “Eureka!” and considered following in the steps of Archimedes.  Since it’s currently -20 F here in Minnesota, I decided that I’d settle for getting dressed and dashing past my cats on my way downstairs.  Ever curious, they followed me down to watch me eagerly type away at my computer over the course of an hour.

Unfortunately, they didn’t share my continued excitement.  They’re now both asleep.

I won’t post the ending here, of course, but wanted to share this special moment with my writing friends.  I’m sure you understand.