Starring: Alexander as Mount Vesuvius

Posted on June 14th, 2011

Today we took my newborn son Alex to visit our local writers group.  Unfortunately, this visit interrupted his feeding schedule, so by the time we got home, he was ready to eat.

I changed his diaper while my wife got ready to feed him.  His stomach was a little hard, so I decided to give it a rub as I usually do to help his bowels push everything out.

He let out a few toots, and I figured that was it.  I wiped him off and reached for the other diaper.

That’s when he erupted.

A mixture of poo and water shot out like water from a fire hose.  Four feet away, the white wall splattered with yellow excrement.

I had no idea a baby could poop with such force, or that my son had such artistic aspirations.

“A little help!” I called.  My wife came running down the hall.

When Brenda entered the room, she burst into laughter. “So the crap really hit the fan, huh?”

His changing table, both diapers, and the wall were covered in poo.  Somehow, through the carnage, I escaped any serious wounds.

Ten minutes and a whole lot of paper towels later, the nursery was back in order.

My son is teaching us every day that we should approach life with laughter and enjoyment.  We’re so lucky to have him in our lives.

Even on a crappy day.

6 responses to “Starring: Alexander as Mount Vesuvius”

  1. Chris Beach says:

    How utterly excellent Alex! Not sure if I knew little babies had THAT much pressure, but good information as I enter the war zone of projectile poo. 🙂

  2. I was completely surprised. That’s why I wanted to share this cautionary tale with you. 🙂

    “Holy crap!” I said. And I was right.

  3. Danielle says:

    Humm, not something I would have been prepared for either, usually with boys they say to watch for the yellow fountain,so I can see how a poopsplosion was unexpected!

  4. Agreed! I’m much more careful to guard against both weapons now!

  5. katie notch says:

    The other end can be just as explosive so watchout with new foods/drinks and too much stress & activity while eating.

  6. Too true! Thanks for the tip!

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