A Minnesota Campfire

Posted on May 14th, 2010

Had a great party last Saturday, but it’s been a busy week, so I’ve been slow to get this up.  There were so many people who came that I dare not try to list everyone here…I’d be certain to forget someone!

Since it was cold and rainy, we had the party inside rather than out — but there still seemed to be enough room for everyone.  We did have to expand to the garage and downstairs, but everyone managed to fit without too much difficulty.

Far be it from a bunch of engineers to let a little rain and cold stop us from roasting some marshmallows!

A Minnesota Campfire

When it’s not safe to burn logs indoors, just use an electric heater!  When properly used, there are no safety hazards.  (Disclaimer:  roasting marshmallows is not a proper use for a space heater).

Along with brainstorming ideas for self-roasting marshmallows, we all had fun playing Rock Band, Air Hockey, and just simply eating and talking.

Megan and the Rock Band

Megan and the Rock Band

Our caterers (a.k.a. my parents, sisters, and lovely wife) provided a filling and tasty meal.  Brenda and I shall not go hungry for a very long time.

Completely unrelated – does anyone want some tacos or enchiladas?

Thanks to everyone who was able to come help me celebrate the completion of my Master’s degree.  I had a great time!

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