A courteous spammer

Posted on November 16th, 2010

I have to say, I’ve run into something I never thought I’d see:  a courteous spammer.

This amazes me.  I didn’t think they existed.  Why can’t all spammers be this honest and up front about their intentions?

I manage the writing forums over at WritAnon, and found this message today by a new “member”.

Hello. This is a spam bot test message. If you are admin or moderator, please delete this message. I will see that there are alive people here and the board is moderated. And I will never come back… Else we both will be upset, cuz I will start to spam this place 1000 times a day, posting viagra and porn stuff, and you will start deleting my messages. Thank you and good luck. Sorry to bother you

I almost felt bad as I disapproved the message.  Almost.

Their honesty is refreshing, and a good deal from the garbledy-gook that I usually see from the spambots that try to sign up on the board.

Anyway, I thought I’d share.  A spammer being polite and honest.  Who woulda thunk?

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