Self-Imposed Limited Internet Connectivity — Day 1

Posted on March 18th, 2011

I took a vacation day today for a 3-day self-imposed, limited-Internet-connectivity weekend.  I’m attempting to finish up the first draft of my novel.  My goal is to write the remaining 15,000 – 18,000 words for the final scenes in the novel.

Day 1 was mostly successful. I ended up writing 5074 words (as of now), and may still write a little more yet today.

My Internet addiction is stronger than I realized, so I still ended up checking my email and responding to messages about a dozen times today. I don’t feel awful terrible in light of the productive day, but it might have been nice to have completed another thousand words to make the rest of the weekend a little easier. I also checked Twitter more than I should have.

Tomorrow I’m going to try a few scheduled Internet checks: once in the morning, once mid-afternoon, and once in the evening. Perhaps by trying to schedule these access times, I’ll be less tempted to cheat by signing on.

Has anyone been able to successfully unplug to focus on writing? I’d love tips on how to encourage myself to avoid satisfying a craving for Internet access.  Perhaps tip #1 should be to avoid writing blog entries.

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