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Posted on August 8th, 2011

As mentioned on the Facebook group page, today is the first day I’m officially accepting preorders on The Caldarian Conflict (check out the right-hand sidebar). Please note that there are three options:

  • Autographed physical copy + eBook
  • Autographed physical copy only
  • eBook only (scroll down a little more)

For a limited time (until 9/19), the Autographed physical copy + eBook combo will be the same price as buying just the Autographed physical copy.   After 9/19, the combo price will be $1 more than the autographed book alone.

A free sample of the novel’s prelude is available: The Caldarian Conflict – Mike Kalmbach – Prelude. Enjoy!

Back jacket copy:

“Pirates are a disease,” Admiral Cain often growls.  He’ll stop at nothing to eliminate piracy from Caldaria.  Luckily, Cain and his assistant Krell have finally landed on a seemingly perfect solution.

There’s a catch: if the Caldarian citizens discover what they’re doing, the peasants will revolt.  If the king finds out, Admiral Cain will lose his head.

Brother Mendell, a monk dedicated to Lord Justice, is sucked into the battle when he consoles a pirate prisoner sentenced for execution.  In his quest for justice, Mendell inadvertently finds himself at the forefront of a war between pirates and the Caldarian navy.

In order to bring the scales back into balance, Mendell must navigate deadly seas, survive traitorous pirates, and outsmart the devious admiral and his ruthless assistant. If he fails, the freedom of an entire nation lies at stake.

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