Another signing event tomorrow!

Posted on September 23rd, 2011

If you missed my book launch party and are in the Rochester, MN area, I will be signing books at:

Rochester Family “Y”
709 1st Ave SW,
Rochester MN

I’ll be there (and dressed as a pirate) from 10am-3pm. My books will be $10 apiece.

There will be other local and talented authors there also, including:

o Elsie Dunn
o Divine Rhubarb Committee
o Helen Chen
o Joan Sween
o Jen Brewer
o Ann Schultz
o Tom Harper
o David Fingerman

As well as some local and talented artists:

o Brenda Kline
o Leisa Luis Grill
o Mary Lou Devlin
o Loretta Verbout
o Andrew Neville
o Deb Zipse

It’s going to be a great time!

First Fan-generated Art!

Posted on September 2nd, 2011

Yesterday, I received the first fan-generated art for my novel from Joan Sween.  I think it’s a pretty cool concept, and would love to hear from other fans who want to submit pictures.  I’m flattered that someone would take time to create art for my novel and share it with me.

Fan Art by Joan Sween

First feature article!

Posted on August 30th, 2011

I was featured in the Minnesota Writers Alliance newsletter this month.  Thanks to Joan Sween for an awesome article.  So excited to get the word out!

MWA September 2011 Newsletter

Check it out!

Nice Girls Don’t Bite

Posted on May 28th, 2011

Nice Girls Don’t Bite by Joan Sween


4/5 stars


Bottom line:

Great read for anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries with a humorous Transylvania twist.


Erleen and Louise, two Minnesota antiques dealers, return from hunting antiques in Transylvania to discover that they have been transformed into vampires. As if that’s not bad enough, the two women soon find themselves in the middle of a bank robbery, kidnapping, and murder. Will they figure out what the leader of an international drug ring wants in time to save their friends?


  • Loved the premise of two middle-aged women becoming vampires, but vowing to maintain their Minnesota-niceness.
  • Humorous asides were plentiful but not distracting
  • Fast, easy, entertaining read.
  • Explored and played with several vampire stereotypes.


  • Some formatting issues in my version. For the most part, these did not affect readability. Alerted the author to these issues.
  • SPOILER: The exact circumstances behind the dealers becoming vampires were never revealed. While the reader doesn’t need to know this, I was interested in a little more detail about what happened.

Full disclosure:

I know this author personally, and strove to keep any personal attachments from this review.

Rochester MN Writers Festival 2011 Press Release

Posted on February 21st, 2011

The third annual Rochester Writer’s Festival will take place on April 9 at Bethel Lutheran Church.  Writers will have the opportunity to participate in up to four 90-minute seminars and panel discussions, as well as the opportunity to have their own work critiqued by a local freelance editor.  The day culminates in a final networking event where writers have the opportunity to talk with instructors, local authors, freelancers, and each other about our biggest passion.

This year’s festival will feature keynote speaker Mike Kalmbach as he talks about how writers need craft, creativity, and community to succeed in today’s connected world.  Besides moonlighting as a freelance writer and editor, Mike Kalmbach also currently leads the Rochester Library Writing Group and is a founding member of the Rochester Writers Collaborative.  As a freelance editor, he has edited numerous full-length manuscripts as well as many more shorter works.  Mike is active as a blogger and on Twitter.  He also organizes monthly Writer’s Night Out events at area coffee shops so Rochester writers can network and grow through greater connections.

Classes will include topics like selling your work, how to write better fiction, writing children’s plays, and the five secret markers found in every good story.  Seminars will include topics on leveraging social media and what local editors are looking for in a story and pitch.  Critiques of an author’s submitted works will need to be submitted by March 18 in order to guarantee a proper evaluation.  Critiques are a separate charge.

Writers should contact Rochester Community Education to sign up for a half-day or full-day seminar, or for details on how to submit their work for critique.  Costs are detailed below.

Seminar list:
– The Perfect Pitch – Frank Bures
– Write in a Flash – Helen Chen
– Writing About Yourself: A Generative Workshop – Jennifer Koski
– Please Don’t Feed the Saboteur – Roseanne Bane
– Write the Children’s Play That Theatres Are Looking For – Joan Sween
– The Five Secret Markers Found in Every Good Story – Tom Overlie

Panel list (see Rochester Community Education brochure for details):
– Meet the Editors – Ellington Miller-Starks and Steve Lange
– Promises and Pitfalls of Social Media – Brad Marsh and David Fingerman

Complete instructor list:
– Frank Bures
– Helen Chen
– Jennifer Koski
– Roseanne Bane
– Joan Sween
– Tom Overlie
– Ellington Miller-Starks
– Steve Lange
– Brad Marsh
– David Fingerman

Costs (click to register):

Full day registration (includes lunch):  $59 (on or before March 9), $69 (after March 9)
Half day registration AM (does not include lunch):  $35
Half day registration PM (does not include lunch):  $35
Critique:  $50